Poem: Failure is Not Suicide, It is Just a Setback

Failure, failure!!

It came to me as a shocker, I was surprised and full of laughter;

At first I laughed it off but later the smile wears away;

Lost in the ocean of my thoughts, different options came to my mind;

Is this the end? Am I done? Am I conquered or the conqueror;

Its always been my motto;

Failure is never an option but today it’s obligatory;

I just looked back at the mirror postero-superior to me;

Who I am? What have I achieved? Do i still have a future;

I just remembered;

I’m still alive;

Just one failure isn’t gonna bring me down;

I smiled and my thought lessened, my father always say;

Life is trial and error;

You just keep trying and trying until you reach your goal;

I smiled again and again;

This life just no balance nevertheless, we move;

The failure is now a source of inspiration for me;

A ginger to double my efforts;

A introduction that things don’t always go my way;

A reminder to always accept life challenges;

A warning to never look down on losers;

A thought to always remain humble;

There’s no success without failure;

It just how we maneuver our way out;

It isn’t suicide;

It’s just a setback;

A challenge that needs to be overcome;

So here on I’m facing mine;

I’m embracing it;

Loving it;

Cos the only failure is running away from it;

Do well to face yours;

Life is full of amazing stuff to be cut down by failure;

It isn’t automatically suicide;

It’s just a necrotic tissue that we shed and replace with a better one;

The best of us is yet to come;

Let’s all do our best to make everyday a better day.

Lord alpha 🖊

Failure is Not Suicide, It is Just a Setback

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  1. Like a prayer for a poet ? Should we say more ink to your pen😊, still may the Almighty grant you more wisdom. Nice one dear.

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