Poem: God is a Woman | By Ahmed Aisha

God is a Woman: A poem versed into with the rhythm of Suratul Nas

I versed this into a poem with the rhythm of Suratul Nas// as I winked & recite the same surah all over for the thirtieth time & these lines were damn piercing!

I couldn’t hold the plethora of excitement in me.

She knows it all


I assumed him to be her// the deep lines are much deeper to be composed by a man, or how’d a man with gross emotion stiffened his heart & mend words into lines?

I kicked the thoughts off mind & traveled back to how day breaks her jaw after the call to prayer of Subh & how night buries her soul after or before Maghrib// would the sky be in place if not placed on the order of a woman?

Poem: God is a Woman


Ahmed Aisha is a young Nigerian writer, a lady who has the vision of impacting young lives with her ways of writing.

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