Hijab Is Our Crown, Not A Crime

Hijab Is Our Crown, Not A Crime

Hijab Is Our Crown, Not A Crime

Sparkling is the sun, with questions over me
Echoes here and there, for my hijab is the gist
Why over do, for handkerchief is enough?
Said a lady, for extremism she sees in modesty
Tampered she has, with the pen of the truth
For defend it shall, till the last of its breath

Neither handkerchief nor towel, my garment is
For in it, revolve the beauty of Isam
Wherever you are, prayer is made
Not helter skelter, searching for wrapper
Is it the beauty of walking freely?
Elegantly without the fear of tight may tear
Oh! Laughing you are, for the garments were dragging
If only you know, the speciality for it
For it has been cleaned, when dirt marries a clean sand

Jest you make, forgetting under it moves an imperfect being
Like you and every other being
Mistakes we made, so as you do
But never will you see, for your thought is far from reality
Sin, you never free from
Neither could I say, for in us lives imperfection
Hey beloved! Give an answer

Can you hear the applause of honour?
For over me, speaks Allah’s commandment
A dignity in a garment
In modesty I rise
For I’m a Queen with a crown
Hey lovely! Are you?

Hijab©️ Alabi Fatimoh .O. (Pharteemarh’s pen)




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