Poetry: How Dare You! | By Rashidat Olamidayo Ajakaye

My woman…
Incline thine ear unto my fertile lessons,
the beginning of the dawn
is no weather than a fearless and starless night,
never be scared of losing a drop
for it shall flow soon as Eleko beach.

I am trembling and dancing to tear your fear,
mould your dreams with stringed instruments and organs of determination,
never forget the reality of God Almighty.
Being ready to stand for abundant consistency, modesty,
will have you prosperity in domestically crafted fame,
pick this lines of my call,
and break the yoke of redundance,
oh ye woman!

Imagine yourself in a mighty mansion,
a miracle by God, character and hardwork,
never breathing in the tales of cunny connections,
stop being sniffed out after priced promises,
the best trust is your hustle,
the best hustle is your trust.

Be a gift to the world,
and don’t be a victim of its darkening shadows,
every word is good as being semantic,
even before the verb comes in action.

Who says you can never be on a stage?
Who says you have no idea?
With all the experiences you have got?
Who says what interests you won’t see the world?
How dare you believe these threats?
My lines in God and God in my lines…

It is never too early,
to be active is now!
Actions might be barren if prolonged.
Forget desperation and be smart in patience,
never be a dosage for the night,
be a partner for the office.

Poetry: How Dare You! | By Rashidat Olamidayo Ajakaye



 Rashidat Olamidayo AjakayeMiss Ajakaye also has online anthologies, a collection of poems, novels and dramas. Some of these anthologies are STRIDA’S THUNDER, RHAPSODY: LINES LIKE LAMENTATIONS, SCRIPTURAL FOUNDATIONS, GOD’S FAVORITE TRACKS, A KISS AT LAST, DAWN OF THUNDER, etc. She is a woman that enjoys knowing she knows nothing.
She also provides a blog where published with up-and-coming writers, various artistic gifts can establish and make themselves known to the public. You can read them on Ajakayereaderscorner.blogspot.com
STRIDA- Striking Ideas.


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