NYSC: My Amazing Camp Experience Worth Sharing with the World

I’ve always wished to have the experience of NYSC camp. Yes! I’ve had it and I’m ready to share it with the world. Indeed! Twenty children cannot play for twenty years, for we meet to part.

My first day at camp was like a dream come true. We got to the orientation camp on the second day of our journey, after we’ve had more than 10hrs stressful road trips. I was looking around the camp like a JJC, seeing people moving up and down with various activities happening there.

NYSC: My Amazing Camp Experience Worth Sharing with the World

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I saw female beautiful soldiers, I was amazed by their beauty and happy with the fact that I will be seeing them every day. Yes! We continued the registration, but one thing every corp member will never forget in their life, is the COVID-19 test, if you’ve experienced it, trust me! you will be smiling right now.

I continue with my registration and I couldn’t conclude it that very day, until the next day. I was able to rest and not go to the parade because I’ve not been given my NYSC kits. I made a friend with one of the people we boarded the same bus together from my state of residence. It was great and fun knowing her. If you don’t have friends or mingle with people, definitely! Your life at camp will be boring.

I felt so happy, being the first time of experienced hostel life, because, all my life, I’ve been going from home. Is it the experience of my first time sleeping on the upper bunk? or seeing people of different characters and ethnic groups? Trust me! You won’t want to miss it.

NYSC: My Amazing Camp Experience Worth Sharing with the World


The camp gave me the opportunity to witness tribes and their cultures, most especially, the Igbos. Every social night activity is one in a million which I always look forward to, no matter how exhausted I am. It gives me the opportunity to have fun and laugh with new people, which we network together at the end of the program. One tribe I can never forget is the Idoma, I love their music and dance so much, it’s great to know about others’ cultures.

Do you want to hear the gist about the Mamee market? Ehhhehh Mamee market, a place where goods are sold to corp members at double price, but we have no choice. It is an avenue where people lost their home training for the three weeks lust. Only the ones with enough money go there regularly to eat while others go to the kitchen. It is a place with a full story to write at night.

Joining the OBS group is one of the steps I was happy I took, even though there are other groups like the red cross. It gave me the courage to build upon what I have a passion for. It’s a great privilege to talk on Air at the studio. I was happy I had the experience. If anyone tells me, camp is boring. I will always reply that, if only you make it boring for yourself, for mine was great with an amazing experience worth sharing. I’m sure I will be expecting a sweet comment from you, how was yours?

NYSC: My Amazing Camp Experience Worth Sharing with the World

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  1. My camp experience was amazing and interesting, I didn’t have any boring moment because I made every moments count and enjoyable. I didn’t miss out in any activities, parade was the most interesting activity for me. I wish I can go again ๐Ÿ˜ช

  2. Alhamdulillah sis
    It very good to hear this
    Story are tell to motivate, oppress, depress and so on but this will actually make one study the more to be able to experience this opportunity

  3. It indeed a very moment to share, most especially the fact that I met a beautiful, calm, well trained and religious lady like you and I was able to share some time with you, laughing together, and jokes around together was a moment I can never forget. You are indeed the best friend I met in camp.

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