Poetry: Flaming Affection | By Rashidat Olamidayo Ajakaye

Even if the sky changes its colour,
I will be in love with you like the beginning,
Imagining your smooches under my blanket keeps me warm Ayinlaaamiiiii,
No circumstance can dare dusk this feeling,
Replaying our moments is my morning coffee,
Close your eyes gently as you can…
‘Ola I love you ohh’

Poetry: Flaming Affection | By Rashidat Olamidayo Ajakaye

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Miss Ajakaye also has online anthologies, a collection of poems, novels and dramas. Some of these anthologies are STRIDA’S THUNDER, RHAPSODY: LINES LIKE LAMENTATIONS, SCRIPTURAL FOUNDATIONS, GOD’S FAVORITE TRACKS, A KISS AT LAST, DAWN OF THUNDER, etc. She is a woman that enjoys knowing she knows nothing.
She also provides a blog where published with up-and-coming writers, various artistic gifts can establish and make themselves known to the public. You can read them on Ajakayereaderscorner.blogspot.com
STRIDA- Striking Ideas.


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