Poem: Sexual Molestation | By Yakub Muhammad


Hey! was the first weapon as he saw the innocent girl, she was a little girl, not knowing what he was up to, she ran to him, “How much for the groundnuts?”
with no hesitation, she replied, thinking he was off to buy, “I will buy all, but you will have to follow me to the car for I left my wallet there” He said, the little girl with low rate of thinking couldn’t figure out what he was up to, so she followed him.

“What is this?” he said to her as he brought out a knife pointing it directly to her throat, “Don’t you dare shout, or I will slay you like an animal.”

With a blanket full of fear all over her soul, she let her guard down and couldn’t do anything.
A knife at her throat, a hand on her ass, she lay down, wishing to scream, but the pain doesn’t want to pass, he rocks her as she felt the burning from her inside.

Once, there was a little happy girl, but now, all her life has become full of pain, he took it from her, her puerility, she is now a child with no virginity, to her, she will become a soul with no dignity, she will have to wake up each night and cry, and in others, she will wish to die, he threatens to slay her loved ones if she utter a word to them, she’s now a victim, a victim of injustice, she will have to hide it from her mom and dad, she has no joy because once in her life, she has become a toy and this moment she will never let go.

Sexual molestation


©️Yakub Muhammad

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