The Common Causes of Failure

What Causes Failure?

Failure is a well-known word by people for its lack of success in man’s life. Man encounters it in different places either at work, home or school.

According to Napoleon Hill who said ‘common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat’.

The quoted statement of the great philosopher gives us an insight into a man while in search of success. To succeed in life is a gradual process, but most people are willing to miss a step or more to get to the promised land without stress which is not so. It takes commitment and determination to achieve your set up goals.

The Common Causes of Failure

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Failure has been the reason while some people are willing to commit suicide, forgetting when there is life there is hope. An institution student who had carryover while his friend had Credit may later have Excellent in the result after a reseat.

Dangote is an example to imitate, he started his business from the scratch and faces a lot of challenges but he never gives up. Today! He’s among the top rich men in Africa who we can point to as our in Nigeria.

As a baby, before you stand and walk like others, you would have encountered some challenges, not giving up is what makes you stand like others in the end. This can as well be compared to those who are willing to become successful, bring afraid of failure will only bring a setback to your progress except you are willing to face and accept whatever comes your way and in the end, you will surely conquer and be crowned.

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A story of a man who was digging the rock in search of gold is an example to imitate, while digging, he was tired and gave up after coming across little ones and sold the digger out to another person who continues digging it and found a large amount of gold in just two feet from what the previous man left.

He was very happy and made a huge amount of money there while the one who left because of tiredness lost because of the little temporary defeat that comes his way.

No matter the situation you are in, when you desire something and have passion for it, work towards your dream and have faith that is going to come true, with unshakable belief, it shall be accomplished.

The Common Causes of Failure

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