Is Virginity an Automatic License to Being a Good Wife?

It is no more news that most men value virgin women more than the personality they possess. Put differently, many Nigerian men value virginity more than the attitude of the women while only a few of them bother about the personality of the women they wish to embark on a lifetime journey with.

What is it about virginity that makes it the most sought-after quality for a woman to qualify as the best wife material? Mind you, this is in no way a convincing argument that virgin women are not good.

Indeed, virginity is the virtue of a woman and the best gift she could ever give to the man that marries her. However, as a man, after deflowering your woman and thus, officially becoming the first man to usher her into womanhood, what else is she going to give out if she’s ill-mannered, disrespectful and obsessive?

May I ask? Aside from her virginity that you are craving for badly, who is she exactly? Does she fit into your world? If you have issues bothering your mind, can she be of help? When you are angry, does she know how to calm you down? When you are down, does she know how to cheer you up with words of hope?

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In your absence, can she stand-in for you? How much does she understand you when you say no word? Does she love and respect you? These are questions a man must provide answers to before going into marriage with a lady, because, some ladies do not possess good qualities or features of a wife material apart from their virginity.

When you get married to a lady that understands you before you say a word, it is one of the peace of mind that can never be underrated. A good housewife brings joy to the husband and the family as a whole. A husband coming from work, looking tired and stressed is in dire need of a romantic welcome by her spouse with a sexy smile and a warm hug.

Is Virginity an Automatic License to Being a Good Wife?

This alone will always make him feel so excited and relaxed whenever he is heading home. But a lady who always frowns at her husband upon his arrival and who is also ethically unintelligent of knowing the right time for certain discussions will always have her husband put in a remorseful and worrisome state and this may push the man out looking for solace elsewhere.

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A lady who is ill-mannered and disrespectful to her husband will have her husband dished out as a sumptuous meal to another woman who will then be feasting on him by giving him joy and peace of mind. Respect and submission make a woman have her man all to herself and herself alone. This is because no man will ever appreciate a woman who gives no respect to him either in his presence or when he’s absent.

Is Virginity an Automatic License to Being a Good Wife?

The point is just that marrying a woman as a virgin though speaks volumes of her chastity but that does not automatically give her the best position in the ranking of wife material. In the same vein, using virginity to determine a woman as a marriage material may be the worst thing to be done.

Dear man! Never use virginity as a reason to lose a good woman in your life. It is best to look beyond virginity and travel to the world of personality so as not to make the worst mistake ever. Marriage is an everlasting commitment that takes two mature and understanding people from different backgrounds to build.

If you get married to a foolish virgin after the hymen is torn, what’s your fate?

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